How to become a Mechanic

How to become a Mechanic

how to become a mechanicEver wondered how to become a mechanic? Since your car’s always breaking down, you might as well be one, right? Being a mechanic would require you to get your hands and clothes dirty, and if you don’t mind that, well maybe you have the making of a good mechanic.

For most mechanics, their training started out when they’re young even before high school. But if you’re already in high school, then that’s fine. Most schools offer vocational classes like shop class or home economics.  Because those are highly recommended courses before you become a full time mechanic, it’ll give you a glimpse of what’s it like to be one and would benefit you in your future to becoming a mechanic.

You can also seek out internships or summer jobs at a local auto shops where you can be a parts-runner or even a service writer. This is actually good to do while in high school if you’re still unsure that being a mechanic is your life’s dream. But if you’re sure it is, then there are countless technical schools all over the country. Look for good trade schools that will provide extensive training and study. There are also community colleges where they offer such courses.

Once you’re in a trade school, work hard to get high grades. Technical schools prepare you for the Automotive Service Excellence certification. And the more ASE certifications you have, the higher you can be on the mechanic ladder or even higher as a technician. There are also auto houses that offer an in hour ASE prep courses and offer new mechanics discounts on tools necessary for your personal inventory.

You might want to remember that mechanics are paid based on their productivity level. So your income would depend on what kind of work you can do and how extensive it is.

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