How to become an Architect

How to become an Architect

how to become an architectThinking of how to becoming an architect? Building something grand, something that could last through the ages? Becoming an architect requires a lot of specific skills; skills that will help you throughout your career. You should be a jack of all trades, so to speak, if you want to become an architect. You’ll do the designing, managing, directing, engineering, supervision and even talking to the clients and suppliers or builders.

Becoming an architect takes more than creativity and drawing skills. It’s requires you to have skills that extends to engineering, computer skills, oral and written communication talent. And personally, you should also be self-disciplined. A total of eight years of college education and the all important post-college internship. And during summer time, you might want to work at least part-time at architectural firms.

As you know, an architect creates the overall artistic and looks of the building and structure. But it’s so much more than the design of the building that needed to be taken care of. It must also be functional for the people who are going to use it or live in them. The building should be safe, with the proper fire exits, and be built with the public’s health and welfare in mind. It must also be economical, and suits the needs to the people who use them.

Work to graduate with honors since there is stiff competition today for architects and honors will work to your advantage when applying at an architecture firm after getting your license. During college you might want to learn some computer aided design and drafting or CADD as it is popularly known, and a number of firms require you to have at least basic knowledge of it when you apply. Be sure to collect letters or recommendation from your professors and internship supervisors so you can beef up your resume when applying for architect jobs. Successful architects have thorough knowledge in building and designing, but also must be able to communicate their unique visions efficiently.

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