International Marketing Careers

International Marketing Careers

Does the field of international marketing excite you? Do you think you can handle flying from one country to another to coordinate marketing strategies and establish manufacturing facilities? Do you want to find a place for yourself in international marketing careers?

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International marketing in its simplest form involves the making of marketing decisions across global boundaries. Often interchangeable with global marketing, which essentially means the same thing, international marketing is primarily concerned with the application of marketing capabilities to international businesses. The international marketing professional also needs to be aware of local traditions, customs, and religious issues that may affect the work that he does.

Job Outlook for those with International Marketing Careers

With the current popularity of internet in this new age of technology, it’s easy to do marketing businesses even if you and your client are on the opposite sides of the globe. Furthermore, if you are well-versed in international marketing, then you can always find work anywhere in the world. There are always businesses who would like to take advantage of the cheaper sources of labor and goods and want international distribution of their products. As the year goes on, it is predicted that this trend will continue to grow and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Requirements and Training for International Marketing

Those who would like to take up international marketing careers can expect a whole lot of opportunities. As more and more companies are fast becoming global, successful marketing is in high demand. These firms are looking for the best ways to promote their business in the international market.

So what are the skills and the requirements you need to thrive in this career?

First is that you need to have a strong and stable understanding of marketing and sales in the global environment. With these skills, you can work with all types of marketing such as product development, market research, advertising, and sales.

Due to the nature of the job, expect that you will be required to live abroad for some time and travel frequently. It is an advantage if you are fluent with related foreign languages as you will be dealing with politics, foreign economies, and culture on an almost daily basis. However, you need not have to adapt to culture and environments as this is not necessary for the position.

Education for International Marketing Careers

So what do you need in terms of education? First is that you need to take up any four-year bachelor’s degree course. Ideally, you would take a course in business administration with a focus on international business. After graduation, you can start work as a domestic marketing manager. Do a good job and you will eventually get promoted to international marketing.

Having knowledge with computers is not required but highly preferable. If you are talented in technology, you should consider taking up a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, or computer technology with a Master’s in business administration. Your chance of success is even better if you have experience in marketing; internships in any marketing business firms is also highly preferable.

Even if you make it big, remember to study continuously as global technologies keep changing. Whatever international marketing careers you choose, always seek the advice of counselors.


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