Searching for the Right Internship Program

Searching for the Right Internship Program

Before finally heading out into the real world, many students have to undergo a certain kind of internships or training program to test their mettle. This may include working for a corporation or social organization in either the public or private sector. Internships can be a part time commitment or a full time job. Whatever the case may be, internship serves as groundwork which will eventually lead to a future career.internship eyes

But what if you are stumped and don’t know what kind of internship program you need to undergo? The good news is that your internship search ends right here. Below are some great tips for landing that perfect internship program.

1) Start with your school. Visit your career center office and look through the available careers for you. If you don’t have a career center, visit your guidance counselor’s office instead. This is not just about job seekers and graduating students; this is also about your school looking out for the best interests of their students.

2) Have a network. One of the surefire ways to get connected is to find friends who have the same interests you do. Many colleges have a list of alumni with whom you can get in touch with. Ask for their advice and help. If you are really lucky, some of them may be in the position to give you a job in their own companies.

3) Go online. Internship search requires you to go online and find these resources. There are many websites in cyber space which include internship listings. Some smaller websites even cater to students who, just like you, are looking for companies to intern in. You can also join online communities – the people who belong there can recommend good places to work.

4) Approach your professor. Chances are your professors have all the connections. As they deal with different kinds of people all day and all week long, they can tell you who to contact. Or even better, ask them if they need an intern to research their lessons. If not, your professor can at least introduce you a colleague who needs an intern.

5) Look for your dream job. Email and send out letters to companies of your choice asking if they need an intern. If you are lucky then you may get a positive reply. If not, then try asking them if they know someone who needs an intern in their company. Your internship search may stop right here.

The Internship Programs

When offers start pouring in, you need to commit yourself to a decision. You need to select the best company to work for. Here are just a few tips to help you figure out which one.

1) Consider the time. However promising your internships is, your priority is still your school. Don’t accept internship programs that would steal too much of your class time.

2) Payment. Yes there are companies which pay you for working as an intern. It is a rare opportunity; take it if given the chance.

3) Other perks. Consider other perks such as free gym memberships, discounts, and more.

Remember that your internship search is just the beginning. It’s what you learn from it that counts.

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