IT Project Management Training

IT Project Management

IT project management training should be given attention because less than 30% of IT projects are completed. An IT project is a short-term activity that yields a unique product, service, or environment. Examples of IT projects are creating new desktop icons, merging databases, or changing servers. The difference of IT project management from regular project management is because of the technology involved. The juggling act of making hardware and software work inside the network while maintaining performance and security increases the possibility of failure. Most IT projects are given only a short time to be implemented. The poor planning and mistakes made due to the short time span makes IT project management crucial.

IT project management training comprises a few components. Information Technology Projects Management will be an overview of hardware, software, communications, systems integration, and human resources, and techniques and tools to handle each step of the project will be covered. IT Risk Management will give you tools to be able to anticipate problems during the project and to act upon them. The Software Testing training component will enable you to locate bugs, maintain or improve network performance and quality while maintaining or reducing costs. Mastering Network and Telecom Principles will make you able to incorporate telecommunications to your company’s information systems. Finally, Systems Integration Project Management makes you identify and act on potential problems of integrating the project to the system. The result of training is the formulation of a standard approach to IT project management.

Companies need to adapt to new technology quickly to remain competitive. To ensure that productivity is not adversely affected, IT project management training for your IT department is a must.

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