How to Negotiate More Pay

How to Negotiate More Pay

Job negotiation can be a tricky task which takes both skill and timing. It hinges on the ability to sell oneself, especially in job interviews.

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For those who have a hard time negotiating for larger salaries, here are a few tips on how to work one’s way around the potential employer.

Know how to Negotiate. Negotiating is subtle. One does not simply ask for more money. Negotiation is a gradual process where one carefully judges how much he can push his employer. It’s a skill that needs to be studied and supplemented with expert advice. One can ask friends and colleagues, preferably highly ranked personnel, how they negotiate. Research also helps; many instructional books on the topic highlight the best ways to negotiate a better contract with more employee benefits.

Before talking about money, get at ease with the employer first. Most mistakes happen on the first try. Applicants are too aggressive and immediately ask for too much. This style of negotiation is a big no-no. Applicants need to first impress the employer by putting his best foot forward. He needs to show what he can do for the company. Remember that employers hire people who can benefit the company, especially those who are highly skilled. If they find a valuable employee, they are willing to pay more to get him.

Employers also look for people will become loyal to the company. An applicant can use this to his advantage by asking questions and expressing interest. By doing this, one shows that he really wants to work in the company. Once the employer is hooked one can then talk about money.

Have Self-confidence. A mistake most people make when they are negotiating is that they worry too much about what the employers are thinking. While that is something to consider, it can lead to certain pitfalls. Over-thinking can cause one to doubt, to lose confidence. An applicant in doubt will have a hard itime speaking with conviction. Interviewers can tell when a person isn’t sure of what he’s asking.

For improved chances, find ways to boost one’s self-confidence. It’s like learning how to ride a bike; it’s a simple thing to do but only those who believe in themselves can do it lax airport car service. The same goes for one who is negotiating his salary; he must believe in himself, in his skills and capabilities.

Don’t Make it Look like a Negotiation. When one is asking for a higher salary, there are ways to make it subtle. When conversing with the employer, slip in non-threatening ways of asking for a pay increase. One can start off with these phrases: “Is it possible if…” “Could you…” or “In some companies I am being offered…” Try not to sound as if one is more knowledgeable than the employer. When that happens, the employer will more likely just fire the employee.

It’s Not only About Salary. Negotiation is not just about salary or money. It’s also the chance of gaining new skills and learning more about the job. Skilled workers are valuable to a company, they get better pay and better employment. Remember that as one becomes employed, he should work hard for the money and prove to his employers that they made the right decision hiring him.



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