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What to Do with a Law School Degree

When you, or other people you know, own law school degrees, the first question that comes to your mind is “what am I going to do with it? What employment opportunities await me when I practice my profession as a lawyer?” Before we answer all those questions, let us first define what a legal degree is.law school degrees folders

There are three types of legal degrees: The most basic is the Juris Doctor which is required for you to take the bar exams in any state. Second is the Masters of Law, a professional degree given to people who graduated from law schools outside the United States. And third, Doctor of Juridical Science which is the most advanced program in the field of law.

Now, if you have one of the three law school degrees mentioned above, there are many employment options available to you. There are numerous job openings advertised on the internet and all you need to do is find one that suits your interests the most.

What are some of the employment opportunities?

Once you’ve passed the bar examination, you can choose to work in the public or private sector. A lawyer can be employed as part of criminal justice, a civil rights advocate, an education administrative, or as a college law professor, especially if you have a Doctor of Juridical Science degree. You’ll find yourself working for different groups; district attorney in a city, junior associate in a private law firm, or house counsel for private companies.

A lawyer should be able to adapt to different situations. You’ll be tasked to handle a variety of problems such as environmental concerns, marketing, human resource coordination, insurance claims, and a lot more. Find an area of your expertise and contact the employer to be hired at once, so long as you have the proper law school degrees to apply for it.

What are other alternative employment options?

If you have passed the bar exams and you are not quite sure if you’ll be happy practicing as a lawyer, there are also jobs offered as an alternative. Law degrees do not confine you to jobs that only come with a “lawyer” title. Some people have worked amidst the society with law degrees but have worked as a legal writer, an editor, researcher, a business consultant, financial adviser, an LSAT tutor, a political analyst, and the list goes on.

When employment is strictly the topic, it always ends in salary and compensation. “How much will I earn if I apply for this position?” “What are the benefits that this job offers?” Also, when you apply for work, think about the how it will fit into your life. Judge how much time you need to spend in the office, what work will do to your social life, and lastly, how it will affect your relationship with your family. Sure, people can be earning a lot thanks to law school degrees, but you’ll barely get to see your parents or your kids and even talk to your wife. Finding out what makes you happy will be the key to satisfaction.

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