Le Cordon Bleu School: A World-Class Culinary Institution

Le Cordon Bleu School: A World-Class Culinary Institution

Le Cordon Bleu School is the biggest educational institution in the world that focuses on culinary arts and hospitality management.  Le Cordon Bleu, which is a French term for “Blue Ribbon,” is regarded as a global leader in offering the highest degree of hospitality and culinary training through their topnotch programs. Le Cordon Bleu is renowned around the world with its vast network of culinary schools dedicated to teaching classic culinary methods with contemporary innovations as well as the latest in international cuisine.world-class culinary kitchen

This world-famous culinary institution serves as the sentinel of French culinary method. Through their exceptional training programs, they help preserve and impart the appreciation and mastery of French culinary arts which has been the foundation of French cuisine for more than 500 years.

In the last century, Le Cordon Bleu School has demonstrated modernizing change as it evolves from a regular Parisian culinary school to a global network of institutes for hospitality and culinary arts. Their philosophy is all about attaining excellence by means of constant practice and improvement while fulfilling the requirements of the modern culinary industries.

This respectable school combines classic French culinary techniques with contemporary American technology. When you study in this institution, you’ll be able to learn specialized skills and develop the confidence to shine and stand out among your colleagues. You will learn what it takes to become an outstanding chef or a hotel manager. You will also learn the fundamental business concepts you need in order to succeed in today’s truly competitive market.

Culinary Arts Degree Programs

Le Cordon Bleu schools focuses on the students’ need for a higher comprehensive education to be successful in this aggressive domain.  Thus, they are provided with the appropriate tools to excel much faster than majority of other culinary institutions.

Le Cordon Bleu School continues to grow by integrating creativity and innovation with history and tradition. They have established Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs in business focusing on the increasing demands of an ever expanding hospitality industry.

Le Cordon Bleu also offers certificate, diploma, and short-term training programs in different areas of culinary arts. Aside from their training in culinary arts, this institution also has degree programs in the field of hospitality management which lead to a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. A gastronomy master’s degree program is also offered online workers comp attorney service. This online program is especially developed for students who have passion in studying gastronomy as well as for culinary professionals who seek related careers in tourism, media, or hospitality.

School Locations

At present, Le Cordon Bleu has 29 various locations on five continents, including cities like London, Paris, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, and Ottawa. In the U.S., there are a total of 15  Le Cordon Bleu schools.

These reputable institutions provide a very supportive environment where passionate students may engage themselves in the world of culinary arts. In these schools, students work alongside experienced and expert chef instructors to develop the skills they need to be a professional in the culinary industry. Begin your career in baking, culinary, or hospitality management now at a Le Cordon Bleu school within your location.


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