Legal Career Opportunities

Legal Career Opportunities

The legal field provides numerous legal career opportunities that encompass a broad array of skills, education, and experience. The provision of legal services is an intricate process requiring highly experienced professionals who render cost-effective and quality services. At the same time, advances in law as well as in technology are paving the way to even more job opportunities for lawyers.Career opportunities silhouette

There are even legal jobs that you can take even if you are not licensed to practice law. The following are some of the popular legal career opportunities you can choose from if you want to commit yourself in this industry:

Legal Internships

Being an intern is an ideal option for undergraduates who want to supplement their law study with real life experience. The responsibilities of a legal intern include clerical support, legal research, holding client meetings, as well as general case management. Applying as an intern will enable you to get first-hand knowledge on the process of providing legal services.


Of all the legal career opportunities available, being a lawyer is the most popular. An attorney or a lawyer serves as a liaison between the legal system and the general public. They provide counselling and representation to clients in both civil and criminal cases. They are responsible for informing clients about their legal rights, doing research and interviews, videosxxx and appearing in court when needed.

Lawyers frequently opt to specialize in areas like business, international, or environmental law. On average, lawyers earn $90,000 per annum. To be a lawyer, you are required to finish postsecondary education of about seven years. This includes taking a bachelor’s degree as well as Juris Doctor or JD in law school. In addition, you need to get licensure from the bar association in your state.


A paralegal or a legal assistant may work at different fields that deal with corporate law, criminal law, immigration, real estate, and any type of litigation. As a matter of fact, the job is viewed as the backbone of several legal practices. And services that are rated positively can be found at The job of paralegals includes doing preliminary work on closings, trials and hearings, as well as assistance in drafting and preparing legal documents.

About 70% of legal assistants can be found working in law firms. The rest are working in government agencies and legal departments of big corporations. In order to be a paralegal, you must finish an associate or a bachelor’s degree in the field of Paralegal Studies. An individual under this job position must be able to have a strong personality in order to handle a variety of cases.

Legal Secretaries

A legal secretary performs clerical duties such as answering phones, transcription, and filing. They must also possess advanced understanding of the legal field as well as familiarity with legal terms and procedures. A legal secretary earns an annual income of $46,000 on average. There’s no formal education needed to pursue this career; however several technical schools and community colleges offer training programs to be more qualified as a legal secretary.

Today, there are numerous legal career opportunities available for lawyers as well as those who are not licensed. If you are interested to pursue one of these jobs, it is necessary to know what skills you should acquire in order to be successful in your chosen field.

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