Legal Nurse

Legal Nurse

legal nurseLegal nurse consultant jobs are services given to lawyers, paralegals and other legal experts regarding medically-related issues of the law. A legal nurse consultant’s nursing background both in education and expertise, qualifies her to analyze multifaceted medical information and provide expert opinions to lawyers in medico-legal matters. Medico-legal matters may include criminal defense, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, products liability, health worker liability, personal injury, wrongful death, toxic tort and even sexual assault cases.

Legal nurse consultants are registered nurses that have been granted with license to practice. They should also have a minimum of five years’ experience in any nursing specialty in a public or private health institution. To become a legal nurse consultant, one must possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing and minimum units in advanced degrees. Generally, professionals enter the legal nurse consulting field by taking legal nurse consulting coursework and/or obtaining a legal nurse consulting certification given by a government regulated agency.

To be a successful legal nurse consultant, one must possess specialized skills such as solid organization, communication and multi-tasking skills. Critical thinking, perception and judgment skills are also crucial because of the need to develop case theories. Strong research and writing competencies are also essential. Apart from the technical expertise, it is also important that a legal nurse consultant have a firm grasp of legal terminology and is up-to-date in developments within their nursing specialty.

According to several surveys done, legal nurse consulting industry is considered to be a developing field. Together with the growing need for licensed attorneys, legal nurse consultant jobs will continue to be a marketable service employed to advise legal professionals on the medical aspects of a case.

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