Linux Training

Linux Training

linux trainingLinux training is in demand among developers and system administrators. So much so that the Linux development community leaders and the Linux Foundation have addressed this demand in forming the new Linux Training Program. There are different ways to go about it: online, classroom and on-site training.

The Online Linux Training is for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of time and transportation fees. From the comfort of your own home, you can participate in classroom discussions led by a certified instructor via live audio conference and a computer program. The lessons include hands-on training along with a given set of instructions. The students in this program will receive instructions on how to download the needed software for virtual classes along the course manual and other materials.

The Classroom Linux Training are for those who are more comfortable learning in a real classroom and prefer to have their instructor with them face-to-face. The curriculum includes hands-on training along with the course materials. The process on how to enroll for the this type of Linux training is just like registering for regular school. Classroom training is offered around the major cities in the United States.

The On-Site Linux Training is specifically for companies that need to have multiple personnel trained. Their training can also be customized and focus more on the issues and specializations that the company needs. The instructor can opt to go to the company itself and train the employees there or they can opt to train in a local training facility. This type of training will require the company and the Linux Foundation’s staff to work more closely together to form the curriculum that will suit the company’s tastes.

Being a software engineer or systems analyst are some of the opportunities that can open up with a background in Linux Training.

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