Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

If you think that marketing and advertising is not a very important part of a company’s success, try turning on your radio or television for an hour. You may even flip through a newspaper, or a magazine for a bit. You will see that all these forms of media are proliferated by advertisements. You may think that all these advertisements are bothersome, but if you think about it, many of your purchasing choices are led by these commercials.

Marketing and advertising can spell success or failure for a company. You may have an exceptional product that will fulfill the needs of many people; but if you can’t get the word out that your product is available, no one will know that it’s there. Companies hire people who have a marketing degree are able to anticipate what people may need or want. These marketers are able to determine who may want a product that is being developed and at what price people are willing to pay for it. They also know where your product should be displayed and when it should be released.

A person with an advertising degree is also hired by companies to be able to get the right message across. Advertisers know how to effectively attract people and keep the people interested in your product. They also help companies keep a constant flow of communication between the company and its customers. Advertisers also help companies differentiate themselves from their competitors giving consumers a more informed choice as to which product to buy. Without a good marketing and advertising plan, companies will lose market share and eventually die out.

You may believe that people can’t live without your product. However, people won’t be able to know that unless you have a good marketing and advertising plan supporting your product.

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