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MBA Marketing Careers

There are lots of MBA Marketing careers out there. The most common positions are brand manager, marketing manager, new product manager, and market research analyst. Other positions include advertising manager and sales manager, public relations officer and director, and marketing communications director. There are also consulting firms which hire MBAs for position as strategists, market developers, and customer segmentation specialists.

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So with all of these positions, are you now interested in MBA Marketing careers? What steps should you undergo to break into this industry?

Versatility of MBA Marketing Careers

Marketing is all about managing product perception. When you pursue an MBA marketing career, you may deal with a wide variety of products such as cosmetics, hygiene products, appliances, and everything in between. If you are really serious about this course of study, you need to pursue a degree in Business Administration in Marketing. If you want to aim for a higher degree you can pursue a Master of Business Administration in Marketing. This will eventually increase your income and give you opportunities for advancement.

All programs of any MBA Marketing Careers involve the following coursework: operations, strategy and economy, leadership skills, finance, and management. For MBA classes, it‘s a little more tedious with these intensive lessons. Among these are market study and customer relations, market research and strategic planning, analysis of demand and advertising, marketing campaigns, and cost volume and profits.

When you have finally graduated from an MBA program, you should have the knowledge and skills you need for an entry level management job. As you progress, you’ll be able to hone your analytical thinking, sales skills, and communication skills. If you want to succeed, take the initiative and show your employers that you can incorporate ideas in new and exciting ways.

Marketers can find work in a wide variety of industries. Many marketers will find jobs in advertising, public relations, event planning, and corporate communications, sales and marketing. Business graduates who bring additional elements to the table tend to have more opportunities.

MBA Marketing Job Outlook and Opportunities

The prospect is looking up if you are a graduate of MBA Marketing. The reason is that more and more companies are now more cheerful about their growth. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council survey, 57% of full time MBA students already have offers by the middle of March as compared to 40% of last year. This survey is composed of 127 business schools and 905 companies country-wide. And the statistics get even better as the school year draws to a close.

The Johnson Graduate School of Management has shown a sharp increase in hiring as more and more companies are now offering multiple students positions within their companies, rather than picking out the best of the best. On the other hand the University of Michigan has at least 76.5% of their graduates being offered a job which went up from 63.3% of last year. In 2008 more than 82% of their students also had offers.

With such vibrant numbers, no wonder these MBA Marketing Careers offer a potentially promising future and more opportunities for growth and learning.



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