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Network Administration

network administrationNetwork administration is not as easy as it sounds: it can vary from being responsible for troubleshooting problems that would arise in the network, data management, creating the backup and individual emails of the employees and in some cases, and even providing customer support. Network administration also deals with creating the storage and backup for various files, overseeing the security of the system against potential viruses and other threats such as third-party hackers. A network administrator’s job also involves taking care of the documentation and the management of the ones using the system. The network administrator must also cooperate and work with isolated cases, like some employees who are experiencing network problems.  Network administration also includes making sure that the system and network is running at optimum efficiency and avoids crashes.  Whereas network engineers are tasked to design the structure of the network itself, it’s the network administrator’s job to configure and customize the network according to the requirements and needs of the company.

The smaller the network, the more the network administrator works since a large network will compensate its size by assigning different responsibilities to different personnel.

There are many work opportunities for a network administrator: they can opt to work for a small company as the only administrator or they can choose to be in a large firm as a part of a team of network administrators. Since administrators have a wide range of skill set, they can opt to specialize in different areas. Check out The position of a network administrator in companies have become a staple so if you’re looking for a more rewarding, lucrative career, you can venture into the world of network administration.

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