Nursing Masters Degree Online

Nursing Masters Degree Online

Mastering your Nursing Masters Degree, Online

For those students and professionals who want to take up a career in the health care industry, taking up a nursing degree online might just be the answer they are looking for.

Nurses number among the highest population of workers within the healthcare profession today, as they occupy highly essential roles in the healthcare industry, ranging from patient care to administration. The need for nurses has always been—and still is—an upward trend; as the population ages, so do the needs for qualified nurses arise as the nursing population themselves are aging, as well.

And this trend shows no signs of abating, with more and more hospitals and health institutions are being built, aided with the rapid development of medical technology—the number of nurses that needs to cater for the demand is simply not enough. According to the figures reviewed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing field has an expectant growth increase of 22 percent, up toward 2018. The growth rate could very well be much higher and faster than other professions.

However, not everyone can afford it or have the full-time commitment to take up nursing degrees at the local colleges and universities, what with most of the population struggling to make ends meet and keep their jobs in these economically volatile times. A nursing degree online education is ideal for those who need to prioritize their studies against their other responsibilities, be it familial or financial.

It would be prudent to know what kind of nurse one would like to be, before committing to any nursing courses online, however. There are generally three levels of nursing professionals: CNA’s or Certified Nursing Assistants are those commonly known as orderlies, nursing aides, or hospital attendants, and make up a large number of the nursing population. Next are the Licensed Practical Nurses, or LPN, and their main task is to care for the patients under the direct supervision of licensed physicians. Finally, the Registered Nurses, or RN, are the highest level of nursing, and whose responsibilities are as widely varied, from specialist nurses, to nursing administration, to qualified professors, to even those that have their own nursing care-related business.

Of course, one also has to know where they want to practice their nursing profession once they’ve completed their nursing degree online education, as nursing students still need to take the state license examination graduation. Nurses could be licensed in more than one state, and some states do accept nursing practitioners from different states, but it always pays to know about which state a student is studying and which state they want to work in. And of course, some states have strict accreditation guidelines as to what schools—online or otherwise—are qualified to have their students take their board exams.

An ever increasing demand coupled with a shortage of supply will ensure that the nursing profession as one of the most sought after professions for decades to come, and that studying under a nursing degree online program could be the key to a better future.

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