Online Accredited Law Schools

Online Accredited Law Schools

How do you find online accredited law schools? There are a ton of them out there that are both nationally and regionally accredited. Here are a few steps in how to find the best online schools that are accredited by organizations acknowledged by the Department of Education:online accredited law scale

Tips to Finding Online Accredited Law Schools

You may visit the website of the U.S. Department of Education and search any online law school’s name you are interested in. There may be one or more online accredited law schools that will show up in the results. Select the particular online school you’re looking for.

After clicking on the name of the school, its accreditation information will show up. Be sure that the page is regarding the correct online school.  Compare the website, address, and contact number that is located at the page’s top right corner.

You may be able to see the institutional accreditation of the college (for the entire school) or the specialized accreditation (for the departments in the institution) on this particular page.

You can also refer to the website of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or CHEA to look for both USDE and CHEA recognized accrediting agencies.

What You Should Know About Online Law Schools

Finding online accredited law schools and earning a law degree online poses many unique challenges. The American Bar Association or ABA does not grant accreditation to online law schools.  This is very important because forty-nine states require graduates of law schools to earn a law degree that is ABA-accredited for them to be able to take the bar exam and practice law.

In spite of this, it doesn’t mean that it is not possible for an individual to be a lawyer if he earns his law degree online. California is the only state which allows graduates from online accredited law schools to take their bar exam, supposing they meet particular requirements. If you’re living in California, or if you are ready to relocate there, it is possible to be a lawyer with your online degree in law. After working as an attorney in California for a number of years, you may then move on to practice law in other states.

The State Bar of California maintains its own accreditation system.  This is open to law schools that are non-ABA accredited. Also, California’s State Bar accredits online law schools that are recognized by the California Committee of Bar Examiners or CBE. Moreover, in the state of California, a lot of schools that are approved by the California Bar Association are respected equally as those schools approved by the ABA.

Several states allow California attorneys to take their bar examinations following five to seven years of law practice corporate tax services near me. An alternative is to take up a Master’s degree program in Law accredited by ABA. This degree program may only take you one to two years and could qualify you to take the bar examination in another state.

If you are planning to pursue a law degree online, it is essential to have realistic expectations. Bear in mind that studying in online accredited law schools may not be for everyone; but for the right person, it may be a rewarding experience.

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