Oracle Database Administration

Oracle Database Administration

High Demand Foretells a Good Career for Oracle Database Administrators

Oracle TrainingOracle database administration training continues to be a popular choice because, in 2009, Oracle continued to dominate the worldwide relational database market cornering 48% of market share. Although seeking training for a specific product may seem risky, the widespread usage of this product ensures that jobs as Oracle database administrators will not lose popularity any time soon.

After getting Oracle database administration training and getting employed by a company, you are expected to perform some or all of these tasks. If the company has not implemented the Oracle System yet, you will evaluate the company’s existing hardware and how the Oracle System can best utilize it. You will install the software; plan the database design, the logical structure, and the backup strategy. You will create, open, and backup the database. Enroll system users, implement your database design, and backup the fully functional database. The next tasks are done periodically. You will tune database performance, download and install software patches, and roll out additional hosts. All these will be covered by your Oracle database administration training.

It is best that you get your Oracle database administration training from Oracle University. Take the basic classes before going to advanced ones. Determine the prerequisites of each course before you enroll. During class, participate in discussions often. A week or two after each class, take the certification exam pertaining to each class. Continue to get as much experience as possible by applying for an entry-level job. In 2009, CNN reported that database administration is one of the top ten upcoming careers for new college graduates. With the continued need for companies to employ computer databases to become competitive and the likelihood that they will get the Oracle System, job openings for those who have undergone Oracle database administration training is set to increase exponentially.

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