Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef

A French Pastry Chef’s Life is C’est Magnifique!

pastry chefFrench pastry school is an ideal choice for students who have greater aptitude in the kitchen than regular folk. Some people dream of bringing joy to others as a world-class French pastry chef. What is a French pastry chef? A French pastry chef or pâtissier is a person who works in a professional kitchen making classic French pastries like croissants, éclairs, and petit fours. Pastry chefs should be creative, have an exacting eye for detail, be patient, know how to plan ahead, and possess great stamina.

Selecting the correct French pastry school is very important. Although one can find a pastry chef school easily, it is harder to find one is certified and offers online courses. Once you do find and enroll in an online French pastry chef program, read all the material provided and complete all assignments. Since pastry chef education involves hands-on practice that can’t be provided adequately online, you must voraciously read a lot of pastry books and frequently attempt new recipes. If it is possible to attend some classes physically, do so. Find a professional kitchen that is willing to take you in on an entry-level position or as an apprentice.

Pastry chef careers are numerous, but it will take years before you can head your own pastry kitchen. Students of French pastry school will find employment in entry-level positions after graduation. There will be an 11% demand growth for pastry chef jobs in bakeries, patisseries, and restaurants. Keep in mind that it will be tougher to find employment in classier and more expensive establishments until you have gained enough experience for employers from those places take notice. Some pastry chefs consider their work as a transient art form since people consume their creations. A life bringing people joy awaits those who graduate from French pastry school.

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