A Career in Physical Therapy

A Career in Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are known to work closely with injured or impaired patients, especially those whose bodies have been heavily damaged by disease. Their role is to bring back the strength of this individual and nourish them. In worst case scenarios, a therapist must at least ease the patient’s pain and teach him to cope with permanent physical disabilities. A physical therapist also assesses the physical function of the patient in the context of the social support and medical history. He is responsible for testing any of these areas: balance and coordination, range and motion, patient strength, and muscle performance.

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With this in mind, would you want a career as a physical therapist? If so, here are just some of the things that you should take into consideration.

Training and Requirement Needed

Of course you need to take up a four-year bachelor’s degree first – particularly a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. The lessons here revolve around the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. You will study a whole slew of specific subjects such as neuroanatomy, biomechanics, pathology, basic medical sciences, and rehabilitative procedures. You can also get a lot of practice time and hands-on training during the internship program.

Once you have graduated from the physical therapy course, you now need to study for the National Physical Therapists Examination or the NPTE for licensure processes. When you have passed, you must then fulfill any additional requirements issued by the state you are in. It’s a long process, but all of it must be done before they will let you practice.

You may also want to study more once you have already passed the licensure exam. Among the course you may want to take include doctor of education (EdD); doctor of Science (D.Sc.) or doctor in philosophy (PhD). A career as a physical therapist can open doors for you as a clinical specialist. You can also become certified in electrophysiological testing and measurement at Bud lyft.

Career Outlook

The healthcare industry is in need of a lot of physical therapists in their clinics and hospitals. It is predicted that over the next five to ten years, there will be an influx of patients as more and more elderly people troop to the hospitals to have their blood and circulation checked. More and more baby boomers are becoming candidates for heart attacks and strokes. Interestingly, the government has issued several bandwidth of promotion for good health; thus ensuring the demand for physical therapists. Here are some other prospects for those who want a career as physical therapist: pediatric offices, long-term care facilities, home care services, educational positions, research, neurological rehabilitation centers, and pediatric offices Retrieving data wooden play shop.

Aside from being a physical therapist, you can also work as any of these: physical therapy assistant who provides the direct patient care in the physical therapy settings; the physical therapy aide who assists the physical therapists and their aides in direct patient care; and the physical therapy specialists who works in a subspecialty.

But whatever physical therapy career you may want to try, the outlook is becoming more and more positive for you.


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