Giving Your Resume a Boost

Giving Your Resume a Boost

One of the first communications between an employer and an applicant is the resume. Writing a strong one increases your chance of landing that dream job. Unfortunately, there are some applicants who aren’t even given an interview. Why? Some experts accredit it to a weak and dull your resume a boost writing

To avoid being part of that statistic, an applicant must make sure that he is writing an attractive resume. His resume should properly represent his strengths and expertise.

Here are a few tips on giving that resume a boost to wow that would-be-employer.

Resumes Should Only Be One or Two Pages Long. Applicants tend to go on and on about anything they’ve done. Sometimes it’s not even connected with the work he’s applying for but he still writes it down. People are guilty of writing resumes up to five pages long! Here’s a tip: employers and HR managers are so busy that they only read the first page of the resume. They hardly ever turn to the next page, much less read them. Just put in the important details connected to the work being applying for.

Keep the Resume Sweet and Simple. Don’t go for scented stationary and colored papers. Most employers don’t care for this; all they want to see is an applicant’s qualifications. There might even a chance that the employers get an allergic reaction from that perfumed stationary; an applicant doesn’t want that to happen! Keep your resume simple.

Write Down the Most Important Information First. Put down the information where one’s skills and strengths are highlighted, whether it’s present or past occupation. As much as possible, avoid jotting down the organizations one is a member of unless it is connected to the position. Keep your information clear, concise, and relevant.

Proofread Several Times. Once all that information has been put into the resume, set it aside. Wait awhile and then read the resume again. Chances are, one will find a number of typographical errors or grammar that he hadn’t noticed while writing it prestige painters. If one is poor at grammar, ask a friend or colleague for help. Letting someone else proofread one’s work will bring errors to light and improve the quality of the resume.

Avoid Negativity. A resume should highlight one’s best qualities. Do not include information that the employer might find dull, awkward, or even insulting. Most importantly, don’t write down anything against the previous company! A resume is not the place for ranting, and using that space to talk badly about your previous employers may reflect badly on your own evaluation.

Add Catchy Titles. Admit it or not, most employers will judge the applicant in five seconds or less! They will know whether the applicant is fit for the position based on the titles found in the resume! Add titles that are catchy, ones that will immediately grab the attention of the employer. Remember, there are lots of applicants out there and building that resume is a sure way to stand out from the crowd!


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