Carving the Social Network through Internships

Carving the Social Network through Internships

Whoever said “It’s who you know, not what you know” is partly right. In college, you can solve a lot of problems by getting help from the right people. It’s always great to meet new people and internships allow you to do just that.

carving the social network through internships class

Internships, known to some as on the job training, are an integral part of college life. It’s an experience that molds the student into individuals of character and pushes them forward into a brighter future. Not only does an intern have a better chance to land a job after college, he also gets to meet people who can eventually help him in his careers; from a simple office employee to a hard-nosed boss. Think of an internship as the ultimate social networking site.

The Social Network

One of the most important things learned in college is the importance of having resources and the value in using them well. Indeed, knowing who to turn to in times of trouble is essential.

The importance of internships in college can’t be underestimated. The fact that interns are building a network of friends that would help them in their chosen fields can pay great dividends after graduation – literally. If one’s character is built up during the internship and he displays good work ethics, then that company may hire you on the spot; there’s no reason to worry about looking for a job. Remember that managers and executives tend to hire people are already familiar, including college students who have already worked for them. So go out there and mingle in social gatherings, parties, and clubs. Not only will this be good for your network but it builds up the reputation as well.

But take note, it’s not just about mingling anymore. In this day and age, networking with hosts of people can be quite overwhelming. Below are three things that one needs to do to get to know the people in the office.

Ways to Link In

First, one must join a social networking site, There are tons and tons out there aside from Facebook and Twitter. Add coworkers, bosses, project coordinators, co-interns, and even vendors. When they have accepted, start posting on their walls or use these sites to build friendships and camaraderie outside work. Just remember to be simultaneously friendly and professional. Avoid posting inappropriate images and messages.

Second is to get involved with all kinds of projects and other activities in the office. Ask questions when necessary; don’t be shy and intimidated. Instead, be brave enough to handle all assigned activities.

Third is to hang out with the fellow workers and bosses whenever possible. Join them in their families’ birthday celebrations or go with them during outings and excursions. Go to dinner with colleagues, visit theme parks, go hiking and nature-tripping in the forest, and even go to a basketball game together. Whatever the activity is, make sure to spend some quality time with your peers and superiors.

Over time you’ll see that the rewards of internship are well worth the effort.

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