What is Solidworks Design?

Solidworks Design

Solidworks design involves the use of Solidworks, a 3D CAD software program, to make blueprints for constructing products and structures.  A comprehensive understanding of the program and the design principles associated is invaluable to industrial engineers as well as digital designers. It provides comprehensive and insightful 3D solutions in product analysis, designing, and management of data.

3D solidworks design software

SolidWorks enables design teams all over the globe to give life to their ideas. It is simple to learn and easy to use, allowing users to focus on the design process rather than struggling with the program interface.

Uses of Solidworks

Management of Product Data – SolidWorks helps designers in managing their product data, sharing design information, automating workflows, and improving collaboration.

Validation of Design– SolidWorks permits design teams to simulate how a design is going to perform in the actual world. This eliminates the need to construct expensive prototypes and helps to decrease time and costs during development.

Sustainability Software – This software program helps design teams in reducing the products’ carbon footprint and reducing pollution. By carrying out life cycle assessment or LCA straight within SolidWorks, the designers may be able to determine, prior to the start of the manufacturing process, how manufacturing, material sourcing, usage, and disposal will impact the life cycle of the product.

Common Features

The features of Solidworks are commonly used in production design. It features modern facilities for 3D and 2D mechanical design to make the process of design more efficient and help companies to market their products more quickly.

Other Solidworks applications allow designers to create 3D drawings, design 3D websites, and also create animation.

How to Choose a Training Program in Solidworks

Since programs in Solidworks are solidly computer oriented, a student must be comfortable in operating advanced-level computer programs.  Also, trainings in Solidworks design typically include mathematics when it comes to design methods, so students who do well at computer and math may find such programs an ideal fit.

Although training in SolidWorks design is integrated in several degree programs in design and CAD, tracks in mechanical and architectural design differ. One must choose the program that is best suited to his or her needs. Mechanical design concentrates on mechanical systems and physics, whereas architectural design focuses on building designs and geometry. Several programs offer Solidworks training in the associate’s degree course. Any individual interested in computer engineering or industrial technology may find such programs useful as part of their education.

The common degree programs that include training in Solidworks are:

– Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology

This is a degree program that is 4 years in duration. This program offers an option to a student to select a CAD specialization. It includes SolidWorks courses, technical visual design, advanced drafting, and 3D modeling.

– Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in CAD

These are degree programs which take 2 years to complete and focus on architectural design specialization in CAD. Typical coursework includes mechanical designing with the use of SolidWorks, intermediate level, SolidWorks engineering drafting, and technical design.

Knowledge in Solidworks definitely paves the way for a lot of career opportunities.  Thus, if you’re interested to succeed in fields that make use of Solidworks, it is a must to undergo training in Solidworks design.


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