Becoming A Solidworks Designer

Becoming A Solidworks Designer

If you want to become a Solidworks designer, you need to be aware of the education or training you must undergo. A solidworks designer uses SolidWorks, a software program for 3D modeling, together with design skills and artistry to make blueprints. These blueprints are used during construction of structures and products. This job is usually taken by graduates with an associate degree in design. Any practitioner may hone their skills in SolidWorks with a specialized training in a certificate program.solidworks designer white paper

Salary Information

Based on the data of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Solidworks designer has an average yearly wage of about $50,000. This salary varies depending on the location and industry. For instance, the gas and oil extraction industry offers an average annual wage of $68,000.

SolidWorks Designer Duties

SolidWorks designers make use of specialized designing software. They make blueprints, models, and drawings for a variety of things. They can model product designs, machinery schematics, and even building plans. Such blueprints are used as guides in the process of production and construction, so designers must include complete details like measurements, materials, as well as building procedures. During the process, the designer often works together with the architects, engineers, and scientists who provide the specifications and address design issues.

SolidWorks Designer Requirements

The main requirement of the job is being an expert in the latest version of SolidWorks. An employer will often can seek out designers with creative skills and good communication skills. Designers must also be capable of working with teams of architects, engineers, and other professionals.

Education Requirements

While getting a formal education is not required, employers typically prefer hiring SolidWorks designers who finished an associate degree in design. Technical institutes and community colleges offer two-year programs focusing on design principles as well as practical application. Examples of courses are Solidworks design, computer-aided designing, machinery, production processes, manufacturing materials, and technical writing.

SolidWorks Certification

A SolidWorks designer may enhance their skills and improve their eligibility for employment by earning a Solidworks certificate. There are technical institutes and colleges offering certificate programs for a professional with education or experience in computer-aided designing. In general, Solidworks design courses are split into advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels. Each course level concentrates on developing knowledge and skills needed to work as a designer of SolidWorks.

SolidWorks is regarded as the leader in the mechanical CAD market.  It is utilized in many industries such as automotive, industrial design, plastics, product design, and machinery. A professional who is looking to further demonstrate his or her proficiency in SolidWorks may earn a certification from the company itself. Designers can be a Certified SolidWorks Expert, Professional, or Associate after passing the exams. Other available certifications to prove the expertise of the designer in specific SolidWorks tools are sheet metal, weldments, and surfacing.

A SolidWorks designer should have the ability to make various design solutions like sheet metal, moulds, weldments, piping systems, and conveyors. It is also greatly recommended for a participant to be knowledgeable in mechanical drawing.

Becoming a designer of Solidworks requires  commitment, creativity, and patience. If you want to become a Solidworks designer, then start choosing the right school that will meet your needs.




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