Sports Management Careers

Sports Management Careers

Sports management careers are the ideal way for sports enthusiasts to stay involved with the game they love. Head coaches, broadcasters, and talent scouts are just a few of the careers in sports management that are available to those whose knowledge of their sport is an asset once they can no longer play.

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A sports management career is not just about being the next superstar. In fact, there are many careers in sports management that don’t require anyone to sweat; marketing, graphic design, philanthropy, and sales to name a few.

So whether a student is part of the team or just working in the sidelines it’s still a career in sports management.

The Training Requirements

A aports management career not just about discussing last night’s game. As the name implies, it’s all about how management is applied in sports and in society. Assistant professor Lee Igel sums it up: “A career in sports management is much like working outside the lines,” he says. That is why many lawyers in gonzos quest spilleautomater, business graduates, and even communication majors are eying a turn in the spotlight. Every day the competition gets tougher and tougher.

The misconception, however, is that a student needs to have finished his course to be part of the Red Sox, or that he should have an undergraduate sports management degree. That’s a big no. In fact, a career in sports management is open to those who haven’t finished their education as long as they know their way up. This is all about being streetwise.

To be better equipped with building a career in sports management, one needs to consider location. There are schools which offer close proximity to the sports industry that can help the students land a job or get them to be an intern. Assistant professor of sports management Laura Burton says that choosing the best location to take up sports management is an advantage because of the people that one meets.

Another thing a student must do is carefully choose their course. The kinesiology department for example is more focused on the physical aspect of sports. Keep in mind that physical education is just one aspect of sports management. Another way to approach this career would be to take up a course in business.

The Major Outlook

The path to a career in sports management is looking up especially now that schools have already begun to take this seriously into their curriculum. It’s not just physical education anymore; it’s about molding the youth to handle such situations. Many sports have already begun to spring up in recent years. Even the less popular sports such as dodgeball have already worked their way into the roster of serious physical education classes.

But do remember that pursuing such a career, sports management or otherwise, takes more than a college degree. It also depends on your street smarts and a network of contacts.


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