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AutoCAD Training Online

AutoCAD designing has become a hit professional career, but in order to be a professional, one has to undergo AutoCAD training to get the basics. AutoCAD is one of the pioneer software for Computer Aided Design, with the original version made by Autodesk back in 1982. The aim of AutoCAD design is to enable professional engineers to draw up plans... View Article

What Does It Take To Be An Architect?

Architecture schools have observed and followed a major change in architecture through the years. Teaching architecture to new students requires adaptability, because the fast-changing technology and the need to build sturdier and discover breakthrough designs shows just how much architecture can progress in a span of a few years. Looking back, architecture has seen new designs. Back in the day,... View Article

How to become an Architect

Becoming an architect requires a lot of specific skills; skills that will help you throughout your career. You should be a jack of all trades, so to speak, if you want to become an architect. You’ll do the designing, managing, directing, engineering, supervision and even talking to the clients and suppliers or builders. [Read More...]