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Collision and Auto Body Repair

Even through the decades, cars neither got a complete makeover nor got scrapped as a mode of transportation, so one career opportunity that will never disappear would be that of collision repair and auto body repair. Collision repair and auto body repair involve fixing various problems and complaints about cars. It can be fixing a dent from a vehicular accident,... View Article

Motorcycle Mechanic

Are You Born to be a Motorcycle Mechanic? People may think that going to one of the many motorcycle mechanic schools is a limiting option. They fail to realize that motorcycle mechanics are not restricted to just handling motorcycles. In fact, motorcycle mechanics diagnose, maintain, and repair the mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems of any land vehicle that weighs under... View Article

Diesel Technician

Most public transportation, such as passenger vehicles, work trucks, and some other private modes of transportation still use a diesel-powered engine, which means that there is a need for diesel technicians so that the vehicles remain in peak condition. A diesel technician’s task is to maintain the diesel engines of transportation equipment. Usually, some of the equipment and vehicles include... View Article

Automotive and Mechanic Technician Training

Nowadays, car repair jobs involve automotive technician training because of modern automobiles and their built in computers and complex electronics systems that monitor vehicle performance.  Sometimes a malfunction in the many of the intricate parts found in today’s cars may be the cause of a problem instead of some mechanical failure. This is the reason why many automotive technicians now... View Article