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Visual Communications Degree

A visual communications degree is a degree which will equip the student with skills in Web Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Media, and Multimedia. It has been gaining popularity in the last twenty years due to the rapid growth of the internet, web-based advertising, and even web enabled gadgets. Since having an advertising presence in the web is now a condition... View Article

Multimedia Training and Multimedia Development

In the field of communication and media, multimedia training pertains to a learning activity that teaches skills proficiency in several different types of media. ‘Multimedia’ is also a word used to refer to several different types of channel to deliver information. Examples of such channels are audio, still images, graphics, motion picture, text and animation. However, computers and the internet... View Article

Animation Degree

Is animation the right career for you? Have you always been interested in attending an animation school? Do you think you can handle the world of advertising, gaming, video creation, and even the website industry? Are you an artist by choice and at heart? Then you probably have the beginnings of a full-fledged animator. The question now is do you... View Article

Photography Schools

Photography schools address the needs of growing number of career amateurs going into professional photography.  Like every profession, photography involves a set of skills, procedures, terminology and equipment. But unlike some professions, it is one field that has attracted mass number of amateurs in recent years. Photography schools teach basic and advance photography classes.  Entry-level posts in most photography occupations... View Article

Communications Degree

Communications careers such as Media Production, Filmmaking, Broadcasting, Visual Effects, Journalism, and Television Production, require specific training. A communications degree can provide you with that training. The media holds great sway in today’s society and continues to be an ever growing part of everyday life.  In a limitless career field under the mass communication umbrella, one needs to be mindful... View Article