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Interactive Media Design

Interactive media design is the two way involvement and exchange of information such as video games, educational programs, computer tutorials and interactive marketing. This involves using different sources of media to exchange information and user involvement is the basic factor to consider. All forms of media that allows a user to interact with a computer, the creator and other users,... View Article

Video Game Design

Degrees in Video Game Design Unlock the Secrets to Making Good Games You can have a very lucrative career in video game design as long as you are armed with a great imagination and know how to write computer code. The video game market has continued to expand every year, and the demand for video game designers and programmers proceed... View Article

Interior Design Degree

Find the right interior design school for you Careers for graduates of an online interior design school are making a comeback nowadays. Back when homeownership was a hit among working professionals, careers in interior designing had several job opportunities. You can easily land a job as a home designer, a layout artist, and even as contractual home decorators. When the... View Article

How to become an Architect

Becoming an architect requires a lot of specific skills; skills that will help you throughout your career. You should be a jack of all trades, so to speak, if you want to become an architect. You’ll do the designing, managing, directing, engineering, supervision and even talking to the clients and suppliers or builders. [Read More...]

Do you have a future in Interior Design?

Interior designers basically plans the space, which color suits the personality of the people who’s going to live there, what kind of furniture and textiles, carpet, draperies, the small pieces you want to place around your house, and even use the space to its full potential. [Read More...]

Landscape Design

Landscape design has started to grow now that people have begun to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors more and more. Cities have grown exponentially and that has caused people to push nature further and further away. However, people have realized that nature and greenery is needed to make cities more beautiful and healthy. This has led to the increase... View Article

SolidWorks Training and Careers

SolidWorks training pertains to a learning session involving a computer-aided design application (CAD) which  is used by programmers to create 3D mechanical design models.  This computer application is used primarily by engineering and industrial design students.  Its use outside of the academe however is very extensive.  SolidWorks technology has made key contributions in the industries involved in production, design and... View Article

AutoCAD Drafting

AutoCAD drafting is the use of AutoCAD to create 2D and 3D technical drawings or drafts. Drafting, or technical drawing, is the task of drawing standard technical illustrations that clearly shows the needed specifications to turn a concept into a physical object. Drafting is a skill used by architects, design engineers, drafters, interior designers, and other professionals that turn ideas... View Article