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Computer Forensics Programs

What is forensics’ role in the study of computers as related to law enforcement? Forensics is defined as the application of scientific processes within the bounds of legal procedures. Forensic combined with the in-depth study of computers has become necessary because of the rapidly increasing computer crimes that have caused billion dollar losses in business and threats to human lives.... View Article

Criminal Defense Education and Careers

A criminal defense lawyer specializes in criminal law and acts as a representative for individuals that are accused of crimes. These crimes can be related to drugs and alcohol, robbery, fraud, assaults, and murder. They prepare necessary legal documents and paperwork needed for hearings, trials, and indictments. They are their clients’ legal counsels during police interrogations, hearings, criminal trials, and... View Article

Law Education and Careers

Law careers require spending long hours doing research and routine administrative tasks. It is therefore essential to evaluate both advantages and disadvantages in making this important professional decision. As with any other career preparation, considering the right bachelor or undergraduate carefully is the primary step. To help in the decision-making process, one must take note of the political, sociological and... View Article

Legal Nurse

Legal nurse consultant jobs are services given to lawyers, paralegals and other legal experts regarding medically-related issues of the law. A legal nurse consultant’s nursing background both in education and expertise, qualifies her to analyze multifaceted medical information and provide expert opinions to lawyers in medico-legal matters. Medico-legal matters may include criminal defense, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, products liability, health... View Article

Legal Videographer

Legal videographers are fast becoming a valued profession in the legal field. With the prevalence of multimedia technology, video depositions are now preferred over simple transcript. Today, video conferencing allows remote witness to give testimonies as though they were in court. A legal videographer, (also known as a forensic videographer, court videographer, or video court reporter) make all these happen.... View Article

Career as a Court Reporter

Court reporters, or stenographers, are tasked with creating verbatim transcripts of legal proceedings, conversations meetings, speeches and other events where written documentation of spoken words is necessary for legal proof, records purposes or simply for correspondence.  They re-create these with the aid of stenograph machines or voice writing equipment.  In some cases, court reporters also do closed-captioning and real-time translating... View Article

Legal Assistant Careers

A legal secretary (or legal assistant), performs daily clerical functions required for a legal office to efficiently operate.  Legal secretary positions are becoming one of the top new hire positions in the job market today. It makes sense to invest in an education that will provide the necessary skill and experience required by this job specification. Legal secretary jobs require... View Article

Homeland Security

Online homeland security programs prepare students to serve in positions that support agencies and activities concerning national safety and preparedness.  National disaster and security coordinating offices are high-profile cabinet departments that continue to create and fill positions vital in achieving a nation’s goal of safety and security for its citizens. Opportunities therefore, exist and abound for those who desire a... View Article