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Federal PLUS Loan

Unlike Stafford or Perkins Loans (where the loan is made to you as a student) Federal PLUS loans are made to your parents. The amount of a Federal PLUS loan cannot exceed your college costs less any other finance you are receiving. [Read More...]

Federal Perkins Loans

FederalPerkins Loans (which used to be the National Direct Student Loan Program) are Federal Student Aid (FSA) loans made directly to you as a student. Like all loans they have to be repaid, and you will have to sign a formal promissory note and pay interest, currently at 5% per annum. [Read More...]

Federal Stafford Loans

If you are an undergraduate, a graduate, or a professional exam student then you may be eligible for a Federal Stafford Loan. Unlike a grant, a loan has to be repaid and interest will be charged on the loan amount. [Read More...]