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Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic

A&P or Airframe and Powerplant refers to the inspection, maintenance, repair, service, and testing of aircraft. A&P mechanics, also called A&P’s or Aircraft Maintenance Technicians are the people who make sure that the planes that pilots and passengers ride everyday are safe and will not malfunction while in use. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issues certificates with an Airframe (A)... View Article

How to become a Mechanic

Ever wondered how to become a mechanic? For most mechanics, their training started out when they’re young even before high school. Since your car’s always breaking down, you might as well be one, right? Being a mechanic would require you to get your hands and clothes dirty, and if you don’t mind that, well maybe you have the making of a good mechanic. [Read More...]

Automotive and Mechanic Technician Training

Nowadays, car repair jobs involve automotive technician training because of modern automobiles and their built in computers and complex electronics systems that monitor vehicle performance.  Sometimes a malfunction in the many of the intricate parts found in today’s cars may be the cause of a problem instead of some mechanical failure. This is the reason why many automotive technicians now... View Article