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Looking for the Right Career

Many students are stumped after high school. Questions such as “What is the right career for me?”, and ”Where do I see myself in ten or twenty years?” fill their brains. And more importantly the question, “Will I enjoy the career that I’ve decided upon?”

the right career

Before you clog your head with all of these questions, here are several ways that students can determine the right career for them.

<strong>Match your interests with the right occupation. In high school there is a career test. Once the student has answered all of the questions (no right and wrong answer here), the computer will generate a list of occupations to match the student’s interest. If the student is interested in songs, musical instruments, and band competitions then he might want to become a musician, a singer, or record producer. Meanwhile, if the student is interested in math and numbers, he might want to take a related course such as accounting, statistics, management, or business.

Evaluate skills and strengths. This is not just about the specific skills that a student possesses, it is also finding out his overall strengths. Could there be a leader in him? How about if he’s good at communication (written or verbal)? What if he’s very good in computers and knows how to manage his time well? Is he a good researcher? Once the student has analyzed all of his strengths, he might want to write it down on a piece of paper. Then just connect the dots – leadership skills might include being a politician; computers to mean a software developer; communication often involves being a teacher or a writer and editor; managing time well could translate into office work or being the boss of his own company.

Develop Skills and Experience. If the student has finally decided on a career but lacks the necessary skills to move on, then he doesn’t have to despair. There are many ways to hone your skills such as looking for a part time job, especially during summer break. Try to get work as an intern at a prestigious company https://www.galarson.com/. This not only lets the student develop skills but also lets him gain experience he’ll need after university.

Research the Range of Salary and Other Outlook. For some students, money is not important. For everyone else it is crucial to find a job with sufficient salary, especially in these times of economic crisis. Research the salary and ask parents and friends for their opinions about it. By knowing the range of salary for their chosen career, the student will know what to expect in the near future. Aside from salary, one must also consider if it’s a career that he can work on for the rest of his life.

So what is the right career path for the student? It’s everything he’s passionate about. Just remember to never give up at the first try. Be persistent, determined, and focused on the goal.

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