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The Ten Hottest Careers

Once again, health and computer related careers are by far the top two on the list of the ten hottest careers of 2012. This year of the Dragon demands more employees in the health and computer industries, especially assistants and support staff. Business related careers also made it to the top ten, along with industrial and engineering.

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Here is the list of the Ten Hottest Careers:

1. Information technology

2. Healthcare

3. Healthcare support

4. Engineering

5. Industrial sectors

6. Life sciences

7. Physical therapy

8. Database administration

9. Sales

10. Private equity firms

The Top Two Careers

The hottest Information Technology (IT) careers are the following: java developer and programmer, web designer, software designer, computer engineers, and computer specialist.

Because of the rapid development of technology, IT has expanded past computer-related jobs into mobile technology such as cell phones and other hand held devices.

Next on the ten hottest careers is healthcare service, one of the fastest growing areas of the economy. Examples of healthcare careers are as follows: medical assistant, dental assistant, nurse, medical transcriptionist, insurance coder and biller, and medical office administrator. Registered nurses are the most in demand in the healthcare field due to rapid population growth, with a projected 580,000 new jobs by 2016. The retiring nurses also contribute to the shortage of this profession worldwide.

Engineering and Industrial Sector

Engineering and industrial jobs are also included in the ten hottest careers of this year. With a 175,000 projected new jobs for the next five to eight years, engineering careers offers people promising opportunities. There are many categories of engineering such as: biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, and civil engineering. These offer a lot of job openings until the year 2018.

Unlike the engineering industry, careers in industrial sectors offer more job opportunities for people who like to work in manufacturing and construction. Some of the possible jobs in this industry are: electricians, carpenters, welders, and metalworkers.

More science and computer related jobs

People who like to work in the medical field but are not interested in becoming a healthcare support or assistant may try a different career in life science. Life science, which is basically the study of living organisms, offers various job opportunities. Because of its numerous sub fields, life science creates a pool of job openings ranging from anatomy to zoology. Careers in life science includes: pathologist, chemist, biologist, neuroscientist, and many others.

Physical therapy careers are versatile. A physical therapist or PT can work in a clinic, hospital, nursing care facilities or home healthcare services. They can even work self-employed and provide services in rehabilitation centers, adult day care programs, and even academic institutions. The demand for PTs increases together with a growing elderly population in need of therapeutic services. The projected demand for physical therapists up to 2018 is 241,700, a 30% increase over the last four years.

Another versatile career is Database administration. People in this field can work in almost all sectors of the economy. Database administrators will be increasingly in demand as the need of information security increases. Companies who are hiring database administrators are internet service providers, web search portals, and data-processing, hosting, and other related service firms.

Careers in Marketing

The last two careers on the list are sales and private equity firms which are both marketing-related. Salespersons increase demand as time goes by because their job is to sell. There will always be something that needs selling whether it be in retail, direct selling, or wholesaling. Private equity careers, on the other hand, offer job opportunities in investment banking and money management.

No matter what a person chooses from the ten hottest careers he/she is assured good compensation as well as a timeless and sustainable career.

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