Accredited Hospitality Management Courses

Accredited Hospitality Management Courses

When you plan to study hotel management, tourism, or a mixture of both, you need to have the right kind of education. You need to choose the best hospitality management colleges where you can develop a foundation for your career. And not just any old college will do. It must be an accredited one.accredited hospitality management courses turning page

In these times, there are so many schools to choose from. To make a good choice, you need to focus on what’s essential to you. You must sift through the clutter. Here are tips and ways so you can identify the best accredited school.

1)     Refer to the CHEA and the USDE. Look for schools which are accredited by the the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the US Department of Education (USDE). These are organizations that can help you look for quality schools nationwide. They have thoroughly researched each school’s curriculum and measured the quality of the teachers working for them. Once you graduate, you will have a greater chance of entering a company if you come from a recognized school.

2)     Check federal and local accreditations. Do a search for hotel and official hotel school associations. A classic example would be schools in Switzerland; so many schools and yet only a few are accredited.

3)     Training and Industry Experience. You don’t want a school that gives nothing but lectures do you? Of course, you also need hands-on training. Look for schools which deliver that kind of experience by studying their curriculum. The top hospitality management colleges also need to be about proactive about student placements and should have a good placement record. Training is also essential since you also get to earn money as a trainee. Just check beforehand if OJTs are paid.

4)     The school should also be recognized by both peers and the industry in general. When researching the schools around your area, seek out professionals for their opinion on those schools. Also ask students who have graduated from these schools what the school is like.

5)     Look for affiliations. Make sure that the school you go to has connections with some hotels, inns, lodges, and restaurants. This is to ensure that your chances of work after graduation are much greater – especially if you have already undergone a hands-on training in that particular establishment.

6)     Consider the size and diversity of the student population. There are some hospitality management colleges which claim that their students are diverse. Make sure this is actually true. Having foreign classmates can be beneficial for you and can possibly lead to a lifetime connection. Check if the curriculum is excellent. Accredited schools guarantee you that their curriculum is of excellent quality, but it doesn’t hurt to check it yourself. Know the value of the product you are paying for. After all, studying in these colleges is not that cheap.

7)     The school should have many options and career choices. Are you interested in a four-year bachelor’s degree or just a two-year diploma course? Make sure that the schools you attend to provide you with courses of different kinds.

So when looking for top hospitality management courses, do some research. Make sure that you are entering the best school to ensure that you will have a bright future.


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