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The Top Jobs of the Future

If you’re planning your career path, it would be a great help to know what the top jobs of the future will be. These occupations are forecasted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) to expand even more in the coming decade and offer above average incomes. With a few exceptions, these jobs will be very in-demand due to changes in population and in the methods that businesses operate.

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1. Registered Nurses

One of the top jobs of the future, registered nurses serve as the main long-term care providers for patients. They are tasked with providing quality treatment and managing patient records. Although they do not need to have medical licenses like dental hygienists do, they still earn competitive salaries. While surgeons and doctors are expected to increase to 144,000 by the year 2018, it is also expected to have a very high demand for nurses. Moreover, it is projected that the population of older people who need nursing care will grow rapidly over the years.

2. Auditors and Accountants

So far, there are over one million auditors and accountants in the United States. This number is still expected to increase by over a quarter million in the next few years, which makes it one of the top jobs for the future. This job growth will occur because it is influenced by the growth of businesses, changing regulations on business governance, and enhanced accountability for protecting the stakeholders of an organization, as stated by BLS.

3. Management Analysts

The BLS estimated that the employment for this job position will increase by 24% faster than normal. This rapid growth during the decade of 2008 to 2018 is because of the government and industry increasingly depending on outside expertise to streamline their organizations’ performance. With over 178,000 additional positions anticipated by the year 2018 and an average yearly income of almost $80,000, a management analyst is indeed one of the top jobs of the future.

4. Computer Software Engineers

Today, developers of software applications are considered one of the top jobs for the future. The National Employment Matrix of the BLS estimates that there will be 175,000 additional positions by 2018.  The job projections for computer software developers are a result of fast growth in employment in the 2008 to 2018 decade. This abundance of opportunities makes this career rank as one of the top jobs of the future.

5. Surgeons and Physicians

As the population increases by millions every year, the need for medical professionals will increase as well. Also, the BLS asserts that career expansion in this field will be due to the need to replace the surgeons and physicians that are anticipated to retire over the next decade. Although it is tough to undergo the level of training needed to be a licensed surgeon or doctor, the payoff is definitely high. Aside from being very lucrative, surgeon and physician are considered top jobs for the future.

Knowing these top jobs of the future will guide you in planning your career path, but keep in mind that before pursuing a career, it should match your interests and passions.

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