Top Physical Therapy Schools

Top Physical Therapy Schools

top physical therapy schoolsA top physical therapy school teaches aspiring PTs to test and measure the patients’ range of motion, motor function, strength, respiration, posture, muscle performance, and balance and coordination; examine patients’ medical histories; determine whether or not patient has the ability to regain independence and acclimate back into their workspace and community post injury/illness; and develop treatment plans which help identify treatment strategy, purpose, and its expected outcome. Aside from intensive hands-on training, students participating in physical therapy degree programs acquire a lot of effective patient communication skills, and business education at CBD School .

Physical therapy (PT) is the study of effective use of therapeutic exercises to recondition, develop or improve the normal physical functions of an affected individual. A bachelor of science with a focus on anatomy, physiology, and biology is necessary to earn a degree. Coursework includes biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as specialized courses like biomechanics, neuro-anatomy and human development among others.

Physical Therapy Schools and Careers

Continuing education courses become necessary as a physical therapist will deal with patients in a wide range of psychological states. Interpersonal skills are important to help patients understand human psychology and physiology.

A graduate of a physical therapy degree can also opt to teach as an instructors or professor in a university. Other job fields open to physical therapy practitioners involve hospital administration, clinic management or medical services administration.

Job opportunities for these professionals are projected to increase through 2012. As population increases, so does the number of people with disabilities who need physical therapy making physical therapy one of the fast-growing job fields. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, career options for physical therapy practitioners are expected to grow by 17% in the period from 2008-2018. This number indicates an upward trend of student registrations in top physical therapy schools.

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