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Traveling Nurse

Travel nurse jobs are quite challenging and require a great amount of responsibility. This is not a special type of nursing job but rather a task or a position held by practicing nurses. The shortage of nurses in some parts of the world has created this position. Licensed nurses can choose among specified locations and commit to serve in these places for as few as 8 weeks to as long as a year depending on the terms provided by the company. Not every nurse is qualified for this type of job. Acceptance is based on the nurse’s experience and nurse careers

A traveling nurse must be a licensed practical nurse (LPN) who has finished a high school diploma, has attended a nursing training program, and has obtained a certificate from institutions like nightingale nurse giftedhealthcare. He could also be a registered nurse (RN) with an associate or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. These selected nurses are sent out by companies to assist in areas experiencing shortage in medical and nursing staffs.  Prior to being employed as a traveling nurse, candidates have to undergo an examination carried out by the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), a process which determines their professional competency levels. Other professional certifications in line with nursing jobs and healthcare providers are administered by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC). However, this requires candidates to pay a membership fee, pass an entrance test, and have finished 75 hours of specialized coursework focused on home healthcare.

What are the tasks of a traveling nurse? Various responsibilities including constant traveling between locations and assisting very ill patients in understaffed medical facilities. Aside from hospitals, these nurses can also assist in clinics and in patients’ homes to give medical care and monitor the patients’ needs. Some schools also employ them as a cost effective way to attend to the medical needs of its students. They administer medications, prepare nutritious meals for patients on strict diets, and instruct families and healthcare providers on proper patient care. Sometimes after a patient’s surgery, they too are responsible for carrying out follow-up procedures and providing physical therapy.

Travel nursing jobs are becoming more available as the population becomes more mobile. When a nurse has completed a given assignment, he has the option to accept a new assignment in a different location or take a permanent position as one of the company’s nursing staff. Traveling allows these nurses to interact with people of different cultures, which in return gives them much experience. Aside from the traveling opportunities attached to this type of job, the salary is fairly good. The company pays for the traveling expenses and provides benefits such as housing, insurance, and retirement plans. There are companies who give very attractive incentive programs and bonuses.

Travel nursing can prove to be very fulfilling for nurses. It is a dynamic job that lets you visit different locations and experience a wide variety of nursing responsibilities in outpatient care, rural or urban health care facilities, hospitals, schools, and other healthcare centers around the world.

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