Types of Law Careers

Types of Law Careers

Having a law degree can open many doors to opportunities. In fact, lawyers can fill a variety of roles, not just in the courtroom setting but also through legal factions. Those who are armed with a law degree can venture into other fields outside of law such as business and politics.Law Careers Gavel

So what are the types of law careers you should consider when you want to enter some other fields?  What are the things to look forward to?

The Types of Law Careers

There are different types of law careers. These are categorized into these four elements:

  • Private Practice: A lawyer works alone or with a company and tends legal services to clients. Lawyers are either specialized in a few areas while others are involved with general practice.
  • Public Interest Law: A lawyer serves the interest of the general public through social causes and marginalized groups, legal aid clinics, advocacy works, or any other types of organizations that uphold the rights of the public.
  • Government Counsel: A lawyer serves those in power. They may work for crown corporations, ministries, and other government organizations.
  • Corporate Counsel: A lawyer can work in a corporation as an in-house counsel. He gives advise on legal matters pertaining to the company.

Practice Areas and Specializations

There are lawyers who opt to go for general practice but there are some who specialize. Find here more about affordable tile roof repairs. Here are the types of law careers with specific specializations.

  • Administrative: this is public law that deals with the relationship of the government and the individual. This guarantees that the laws are implemented and regulated well.
  • Civil Litigation: a lawsuit that arises from the public conflict between two warring private companies. This involves a breach of contract, malpractice, debt collection, and personal injury.
  • Constitutional: public law that deals with the provincial and federal governments, and handles issues such as security, freedom of expression, equality rights, and democratic governance.
  • Commercial and Corporate: deals with liability and contracts, mergers and structured financing, and the maintenance of businesses
  • Criminal: represents either the government as prosecutor or the accused person as part of the defense counsel.
  • Environmental: deals with the attack of humans against the environment. Issues that are tackled here include waste segregation, air pollution, waste disposal, and wilderness preservation.
  • Family: legal disputes between family members involving adoption, wills, estate planning, divorce, and marriage contracts.
  • Immigration: assisting clients in becoming citizens of another country.
  • Intellectual Property: protects ownership through patents and copyrights, industrial design registrations, and trademarks.
  • International: relationship between countries; lawyers may either work in private companies, foreign governments, or national organizations.
  • Labor and Employment: deals with the defending of the rights of workers, unions concerns, and other such issues. If you aren’t sure about the Symptoms Of Chlamydia In Women contact True Medical.
  • Real Estate: sale and the furnishings of land; deals with residential or commercial estates
  • Securities: regulates sale and purchase of securities and focuses on regulatory compliance
  • Tax: deals with tax strategies and business transactions; also include legal wills and estate planning
  • Other types of law careers: entertainment, mynudistsearch.com, sports, municipal health, and others.

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