Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician

veterinary technicianMost avid animal lovers can thrive in the business of becoming a veterinary technician because of the abundance of pets and the fact that you will be taking care of animals on the job. This is probably one of the major reasons why more veterinarians find their jobs to be more of work than play—it is necessary to make animals, especially those that are wounded and helpless to be at home, so you can nurture it back to health.

A life of a vet tech is not that hard to picture. The staple activities and tasks in their routines include performing medical tests, analyzing the results of blood, stool, and urine samples, weighing animals, observing changes in stress levels of research pets, and administering various medications and treatments. However, a veterinary technician has to be under constant supervision by veterinarians even during routine laboratory treatments and procedures.

In a way, a vet tech has the same position as a nurse in a hospital. They will be present in major operations and surgeries, and will be available afterwards to care for the patient—only this time, it is an animal instead of a human patient.

For animal lovers, especially those who have pets of their own, this job seems like a walk in the park. However, before a person can become a veterinary technician, they have to undergo training and education in order to get familiar with the nature of the job.

An associates degree is a good  training program for this job. It’s usually a two-year program that trains people on veterinary office management, animal health, caring for lab animals, and animal anatomy.

As with the nature of the job, you cannot totally ignore the unpredictability of wounded animals, veterinary technicians should know how to handle those cases as well and also be informed about certain animal products so they can give pet owners advice on what to get or not get their pets eg: Some people don’t want to have a physical wire going around their property, so they look into getting a wireless fence. While it sounds like an easier option than having to bury wire, it is not necessarily a better one. In terms of dependability, nothing beats the right wired dog fence. Check out this company for DIY Dog Fence systems Petsafe also makes an affordable electric fence..

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