Video Game Design

Video Game Design

Degrees in Video Game Design Unlock the Secrets to Making Good Games

video game designYou can have a very lucrative career in video game design as long as you are armed with a great imagination and know how to write computer code. The video game market has continued to expand every year, and the demand for video game designers and programmers proceed to grow at a rapid pace as well.

Video games are made by a team of people who use their expertise in various fields to create games that entertain and keep the attention of gamers for hours on end. Video game design may start with a concept or story from which the game is based. Programmers create the gameplay and will determine how the artificial intelligence reacts to the player.

Artists create the look of the game and level designers determine what is in each game level. Animators create how each character moves and performs actions. Musicians and composers are needed if you want your games to have excellent background music. Voice actors are needed to play speaking parts should your game requires it. Graphic artists make the images for posters, boxes, and other promotional materials. Game testers are those that play different versions of the game over and over to look for errors and share their opinion of how enjoyable the game is.

Since video games are now a multi-million dollar industry, degrees in video game design have begun to be offered by educational institutions. Some of the courses you need to complete to get your degree involve game and simulation programming, game software development, computer animation, physics, 3D engine architecture, game interface design, and special effects rendering.

Do some research and interview school alumni to determine the quality of education. A career in video game design may make you fulfill your boyhood fantasies while making a good living doing so.

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