Visual Communications Degree

Visual Communications Degree

visual communications degreeA visual communications degree is a degree which will equip the student with skills in Web Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Media, and Multimedia. It has been gaining popularity in the last twenty years due to the rapid growth of the internet, web-based advertising, and even web enabled gadgets. Since having an advertising presence in the web is now a condition sine qua non for businesses around the world to operate, the Visual Communications Degree holder will always find opportunities for employment.

Jobs for Visual Communications Degree Holders

The advertising industry, though fiercely competitive, is always on the lookout for intensely creative individuals. Visual communications degree graduates can also find themselves working lucrative project based freelance careers given either by the company or their respective agencies as graphic designers, graphic illustrators, and layout artists. Post-production houses, film editing companies, music recording studios and almost anything that requires the use of print media, will have the demand for the Visual Communications Degree holder.

But what should the student specialize in to be competitive? It should be noted that coming up with a unique, niche concept is half the battle. The other part is translating such an idea into print. Thus, Visual Communications courses will first teach the student to conceptualize and then later, build those concepts using technical skills through visual and photo manipulation, vector graphics, page design, and page layout. There are many software systems available on the market but most schools use the Adobe™ line of software.

As for job outlook, the Visual Communications graduate need not worry about gainful employment. While competition is intense and fierce, the battle is usually won by the artist who has the most creative concepts and the ability to translate them into print.

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