Visual Journalism

Visual Journalism

visual journalismVisual Journalism seems like a niche course. And that is because it is true. It’s a fairly new degree that offers its graduates unique opportunities in the field of print media. Visual Journalism, in a nutshell, transforms the student into expert storytellers. But whereas storytellers tell stories through words, the visual journalist tells stories through both words and pictures.

The photojournalist will most likely need a four-year course due to the extensive training needed for written English, communication, critical thinking, and photography. But with a Visual Journalism degree, most core curriculum courses would already include oral and written communication skills along with journalism and photography courses. Thus, the usual four years can be compressed to as little as three, while ensuring a solid background in art and writing.

Visual Journalism Degree

Expect the following courses in a Visual Journalism degree: Philosophy, Basic Psychology, Fundamentals of Photography, Graphic Design, Fundamentals of Journalism, Proofreading and Editing, Animation, and Multimedia Communications click here. Some schools even offer courses such as computer graphics, use of software such as Adobe), character development, and character progression to accommodate short movies as a medium in promoting socially-relevant causes.

The job outlook for the visual journalist is bright. The Visual Journalism graduate is in high demand because news reports nowadays require photographic elements in tandem with the written report. It takes a keen and creative eye to create pictures that tell a story. The reported starting salary for graduates of Visual Journalism begins at $ 35,000 a year and can go as high as $ 75,000 depending on exposure and experience.

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