Welding Training and Careers

Welding Training and Careers

welding training and careersEnrolling in a welding school can be a key to propel one’s career in the manufacturing or construction industry. At present, the market is experiencing major shortage of qualified welders; hence making this is an opportune time to register in welding schools, whether online or on-campus.

Online welding schools provide modules that include extensive instruction for students who would want to get hired by companies for contract and permanent welding jobs.  Online welding schools offer aspiring professional welders the chance to get certified at times and on days that are most convenient to them while still working a full time job.

Fundamentals include study of welding processes, definitions and terminology symbols, metallurgy and heat control (low-alloy and carbon steel), welding performance, weld examination, destructive tests and safety practices plus cutting, brazing and soldering, reports and records, duties and responsibilities of a welding professional.  Hands-on training include use of drawings, specs, design and materials, welder and procedure qualifications, welding inspection and flaws, and mechanical test and properties.

Graduates of online welding schools can find jobs as welders, mig welders, structural welders, welder supervisors and welder’s helpers.  Many companies hire welders on a contract basis while other companies have the need for permanent, full-time employees.  Most welders are employed in manufacturing or construction.   Trained and certified welders are highly desirable as welding machine operators and can even move to related occupations such as solderers, brazers, and boilermakers.

With the prospect of a green technology revolution, trained professionals can often choose from many job offers and immediate employment is possible for graduates from welding schools.

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