Work Study Programs

Work Study Programs

work study programsFederal Work Study Programs enable undergraduates and graduates to combine receiving Federal Student Aid (FSA) with earning money. This allows you to supplement your financial award and gain potentially valuable work experience.

What kind of jobs are allowed in Work Study Programs?

There are a few kinds of jobs that are promoted under Work Study Programs.

  • Work which is in the public interest such as charity or community service work
  • Work relating to your degree program
  • Work on-campus for your school

How much will my FSA Work Study Program award be?

It depends on the following

  • Your financial needs
  • How much money your college has been granted
  • When you apply

When do I apply for Work Study Programs?

As soon as possible! The funds are limited, so get right to the front of the line of you can. Leave it too late and it won’t matter if you are eligible or not as the money will have gone.

What is the pay for Work Study Program jobs?

You’ll make at least minimum wage. If you are offering special skills you might even make more. You’ll probably be paid by the hour and get your wages at least monthly from your college. If you’re job requires special skills (more likely if you are a graduate student) you may receive a monthly salary.

Can I work and earn as much as I want to?

No! The system ensures that you have time for your program. Your earnings mustn’t exceed the amount of your FSA award. In addition your class schedule will be taken into account. The idea behind Work Study Programs is to help you to earn a degree, not keep you so busy that you have no time to study!

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